The best spatulas for your non-stick cookware.

Non-stick cookware and bakeware are trending these days, and for multiple reasons. Not only is cooking food in them a true delight, but it is also a healthier option since this kind of cookware calls for lesser oil. Improper care and storage, however, can ruin the finish on non-stick pots and pans, which ultimately causes their coating to peel or chip off and reduces their lifespan. 

Using the wrong kind of spatulas and spoons while cooking is one of the best ways to ruin your non-stick cookware; which is why being proactive with care is a must.

 Metal spatulas can be quite harsh for your non-stick cookware and can damage their interior over time. It is best to stick to plastic, wooden or silicone spatulas when cooking in nonstick cookware; and of these, wooden spatulas are your best bet! This is because plastic spatulas should not be exposed to too high heat, since they could ingest toxic chemicals into your food and cause possible contamination. Silicone, too, should not be exposed to high temperatures for too long, for fear of it melting. 

Wooden spatulas, on the other hand, are soft enough to not harm your nonstick pans but sturdy enough to last a lifetime. They are comfortable to grip and easy to work with, and come in all sorts of sizes and designs. If taken proper care of, wooden spatulas can actually last you a lifetime! In fact, wood is one of the oldest materials to be used to make kitchen tools, and for all the right reasons. It has natural antibacterial properties, making it safer than any man-made object. Trees are naturally capable of fighting infection, mold, and bacteria; and though wood is no longer a living organism, it still possesses the same qualities.  Moreover, wooden spoons are treated with mineral oils, which create a neutral surface that inhibits bacterial growth. Unlike metal spoons, they won’t scratch the interior of your non-stick pans. This ensures that your non-stick cookware lasts for longer and gives consistent results across every use. 

There are thus plenty of reasons why chefs and cooks across the globe prefer to work with wooden spoons and spatulas. And to cater to their exclusive needs, EESOME has come up with its range of cooking spoons and spatulas, that are made with the highest quality of unpolished teak wood. This range of wooden cooking spoons is ultra-light, but is strong and durable at the same time. It is FDA approved, and not only does it itself last for a really long time, it ensures the same for your non stick cookware too!

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