Here is why you ABSOLUTELY need to invest in a good cutting board

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Ugh. Another marketing gimmick about something you don’t really need? God, Not again!” Is this the first thought that pops up in your mind the minute you hear about cutting boards? You are not alone. But investing in a good cutting board in a kitchen is not just important, it’s necessaryWhy? You wash your fruits and vegetables for cutting them. You place them on the kitchen countertop and begin chopping – thinking you washing the food beforehand ensures hygiene. Well, think again. Your carpenter did not design your kitchen countertops for chopping. They get dirty, untidy and just a swift wet wipe doesn’t clean all the bacteria from them. A good and clean chopping board ensures that the food you cut is hygienic and healthy to consume. And like your carpenter, the knife manufacturers don’t design knives to survive in any surface. Knives get dull if you use them on something as hard as a plate, let alone a kitchen countertop. A chopping board is the best friend for your knife. It takes care of knives and works smoothly along with it, rather than against it. Okay, you’re convinced. But the biggest mistake you could do now is go and buy the cheapest one available. Plastic boards are made by using harmful chemicals and polished using poisonous materials. How does that matter? You’re not cooking your food on the board. It matters, a lot. Everything that touches your food is going to be consumed by you. So, when you chop your luscious greens on the chemical board, you contaminate it. And when you chop fruit on the poisonous polish, you actually consume it as much as the fruit. Would you rather save a couple of bucks or save your future health? You decide. On a lighter note, the plastic and other cheap boards also suffer from a lot of wear and tear. You’d find yourself in the market for a chopping board very soon after purchasing them. Conclusion It is necessary to invest in a good cutting board. One that is free of toxin-free chemicals, visually suited to your style, dimensionally suited for your storage space and highly durable. You’re going to chop your food daily. Why not chop them right?

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