Baking Essentials: Must have baking tools for every baker out there

When it comes to baking, there are some tools that you simply cannot do without! In fact, you will be reaching for these tools more than you think you would, no matter what it is that you are baking. And while the array of baking tools and equipment out there might seem to be really intimidating for beginners, here is a list of the top five most essential baking tools that every baker ABSOLUTELY needs to possess. 

1.    Measuring cups and spoons

Unlike cooking where eyeballing and guesswork are okay, you need to be really precise, down to the last gram, when it comes to baking. If you have not measured your ingredients correctly, no matter how perfectly you make the recipe, it just would not turn out right. Invest in good quality stainless steel measuring cups and spoons, and make sure you wash and store them well. 

2.    A silicone spatula

Nothing can get batter completely out of a mixing bowl as well as a silicone spatula can. And this is not the only advantage that this multi-utility tool has while in the kitchen. A good quality and sturdy silicone spatula will help you in mixing batters and loose doughs, scraping bowls, folding in mixtures that need to be mixed with a light hand, such as meringues and whipped cream, filling mixtures into your piping bags, and lots more. 

Hands down one of the most versatile tools you can have in your baking kit!

3.    A Wire Whisk

A whisk is essential to make a lot of cake batters and similar ingredients, wherein you need to incorporate large volumes of air. Even something as simple as beating some eggs will require you to use a wire whisk, or a balloon whisk, as it is often called. Additionally, a whisk ensures that you can get rid of lumps in the batter, so that you get that perfect ribbon consistency. And for something like a rich and creamy custard: making it without a whisk is next to impossible. 

4.    Baking pans and sheets

You will need a lot of baking pans and sheets in different shapes and sizes to aid you with your baking. For beginners, however, it makes sense to only invest in a few basic ones, such as rounds and squares. Look for heavy-duty aluminum pans that would not dent or lose shape over time, so that you can use them over and over again. Silicone molds are also really trending these days, and if you want to make fancy bundt cakes or cakes with complex designs, opt for a couple of these as well. 

5.    An electric handheld beater

An electric handheld beater is an indispensable part of any baker’s kitchen. No matter how much muscle power you have, you will need a good quality beater for a myriad of purposes. Secondly, having one will considerably reduce the amount of time that you spend in baking. Use it to cream butter and sugar, make batters and cookie doughs, whip up cream and mousses, and lots more. As a bonus, most of these beaters come with an additional dough hook attachment, which will help you knead some amazing bread doughs in no time!

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