Five baking hacks and tricks that no one has ever told you!

Have you ever wondered why the desserts and baked goods of your favorite food blogger turn out to be so perfect every time, while here you are, still struggling with nailing that so-called full proof recipe? Turns out, all professional chefs and food bloggers swear by a lot of baking hacks and tricks that help them to churn out perfect desserts every single day. Additionally, these tricks save a lot of time, making your baking experience a mess-free and pleasurable one.

–    Most baking recipes call for powdered sugar, but not everyone wants to buy them. And using granulated sugar will just not give you the same results. Here is a quick baking hack. Powder a cup of regular sugar with around a teaspoon of cornflour, and you have powdered sugar, just like the store-bought one, ready for use!

–        Measuring sticky ingredients like honey, molasses or liquid glucose using measuring cups and spoons will not give you accurate results since a lot remains stuck on the surface itself. Spray a little cooking oil before measuring, and the ingredients would glide off easily.

–    Tired of buttering and greasing your cake tins every time before use? Or fed up with cakes that don’t demould easily. Make a homemade ‘cake release’ to save time and energy, and to make demoulding so much easier. Simply combine equal measures of all-purpose flour, refined oil and vegetable shortening in a big bowl, and whisk till you get a smooth paste. Refrigerate for up to six months, and brush generously in your cake tins when needed.

–    If you need some super ripe bananas for your banana bread and don’t have any on hand, you can quickly ripen under-ripe bananas. Just place them on a baking tray and bake them at 150 degrees Celcius for around half an hour, and you are good to go!

–    The next time you want to whip some whipped cream, make sure that you chill the bowl and beater attachments for some time. This will help you to beat the cream so much better and will give you a much fluffier final result. Try the same baking hack for tins and bowls when making shortcrust pastry too!

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